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Some Online Strategies for Local Business Revealed


They say leads or customer acquisition is the life line of a business, one of the biggest pitfall for local business I see nowadays is that they stick to the old ways of acquiring customers which is through having a visible store front and word of mouth referrals, which of course are very important to local business but in the year 2015, many shoppers are transitioning more and more into the online space and finishing their shopping there.

Everyday more moms and older generations are getting the handle of their iPad or iPhone and any fool will tell you the trend is shifting, obviously all the young kids are using it as easy as putting on underwear and more and more younger kids are getting their iPhones.

So what does this changing environment pose for the local business owners many of them pushing 50 years old and are not too good with computers? but they have decades of experience and great at everything else they do? Well they are losing their business to the newcomers in the industry, business owners that are younger and more versed with the computers, this is a shame because the internet is creating an unfair playing field not because of difference in quality of service but simply because of generation gap. This is also a shame for the customer because often times the older guys have much better services to offer than the online selection available.

This poses a big need for authentic, reputable online marketers that can actually produce results to partner up with some of these local businesses and take over the online aspect of marketing for them. It creates an essential need for survival in the year 2015 and onward, where the society becomes more internet based than anything else with advent of new technologies and smartphones.

For local businesses, I believe this is something that should be embraced instead of treating it as the doom and glory and end to local businesses as we know it. I find that its much the opposite scenario where it gives local businesses opportunity to share their great services with more people now because the internet allows for larger voice and more influence over your community or state if you have the right marketing strategies at play.

So lets take a look at the few online venues available for business owners.

1. Google Organic Rankings: This is the most effective way to promote and advertise your local business as studies suggest that more than 80% of users use google as their search engine of choice, now the #1 spot on Google search is worth a lot of money because it simply drives tons of money in hand buyers to that online property. People that are already searching for your service with credit card in hand ready to make a purchase.

2. Google Adwords: Many people get confused between organic search and google adwords, the main difference is that you have to pay google to get your google adwords up while Google Organic search is free, the latter however takes great online skills to get while the former only takes money. Google adwords is how Google makes their money and you will get an ad up on top of the search engine under the ads area which some people click and the business will get leads, however each click has a certain cost associated with it. It is a good strategy for people that do not have a high performing website, online downside is the cost and also studies have been showing that many people are beginning to block out the ads section and go straight to organic searches, you can thank the many spammy unrelated ads that trained people to skip over them for a long time.

3. Google Maps: This is listing that has to do with the google maps and the rankings within those maps. When you do a search for any local business for example Towing Service in Sterling Heights, MI. You will first get some paid ads up to, then maybe 1-2 website links (organic search result) and then you will get a list of 5-6 Google Plus listings with the business name and phone number, this is Google Maps, and it is a big place to get leads especially for towing companies, where people search on the phone in which case the google map listing will only show up to 3 spots. So having a strong presence in Google Maps become critical.


Paid advertising is what most will result to as it only takes capital to get up and running. Although I agree it is good short term strategy because a brand new website will not rank well in the search results, but for the long term the businesses that own the coveted #1 spot on Google Search Organic results will rake in the most amount of leads for years to come.  For local business owners that doesn’t have the strategy for how to get to that top spot this will be almost impossible, the best thing then is to partner up with an expert in this field and have them take over the online marketing for you. Even Steve Jobs didn’t build iPhone by himself, no he hired bunch of wonderful designers, engineers, concept artists, software programmers to get him there.

Warren Buffet said that the best business to invest in is a one with a system so good even an idiot can run it. What is a good system? Nothing more than well positioned, components that work together in synergy. In human terms, it is the concept of letting people do what they are good at or were born to do.

If you are interested in taking your local business to the next level and see explosive growth by dominating the online space, give me a call 248-891-9460, if I do not answer, make sure to leave a voice mail.