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I am Balkan, people call me the Game Programmer because well, that’s how I made a name for myself on the internet when websites were still very retro. I never monetized it but I had a lot of fun doing it and at one month I even had 50,000 visitors. I love retro games and I love collecting everything about retro gaming, I even have various action figures that were from the famous retro games of the past and I cherish those things more than my girlfriend or a chunk of gold lol.

The reason I changed over the gaming site to this blog was that now a days game sites online has become much more complex and intricate and although it is fun to program those retro games, when you get into advanced gaming codes and the graphic designs that is required for that kind of arena, I am 1 not qualified as my education in programming only goes to C++ medium level in college which I took till I was a sophmore and of course the work I did on the website and codes I learned from the internet. (in my opinion you can get better coding education by yourself online than at universities but I digress…)

As I was saying, as the games became more advanced, and my games became outdated, even though I was still getting healthy amount of visitors each month because I think there will always be a place for retro games and because you don’t have to think hard to play them, unlike MMORPG like World of Warcraft you don’t have to spend countless hours to get a head either. But even though it was hell of fun to run that site, I became more interested in local business after I started working with a carpet cleaner who gave me the first taste of what its like to hustle and grind for your own money and get ahead in life. And for that, I want to become an entrepreneur who makes his own decisions and gets money on his own accord and developing his skills and talent.

So I will be doing just that with this blog, talking about my journey of becoming an entrepreneur that one day will earn Great Money doing business locally in Michigan or else where. My belief is that all humans are capable of achieving success if we just put our focus in the right places.


Contact me for any inquires on getting your local business reviews: alldaybalkan1332@gmail.com

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