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Critiquing Local Business websites


Lately I have been in touch with several local business owners and one thing become pretty apparently really quickly is that most of them don’t really know how to operate an online presence effectively. Some of them don’t really know how to operate a computer. Local business owners today grew up in a time where computers weren’t around and they didn’t have the training for computers at all.

But they are running local business for decades and know how to do it well, yet more and more of the business and sales is occurring online as we become more digital each year.

This creates a whole new market of local business owners and their demand for someone that can show them how to dominate the online marketing space is increasing.

This is where I find that my knowledge and technical background actually holds bit of power and it is worth money for local businesses.

The fact is many people are searching for product or service on the search engines everyday mostly occurring in Google. and so it become imperative that your business appears in front of those people that are searching.

How do you get in front of those people?

Well you need a website but not just any website, a website that is loved by Google is what you really need. Because at the end of the day it do you no good if you have a pretty site but it doesn’t get any traffic.

As someone that has been blogging since 2007, I have learned that it is authoritative content that is the number 1 important thing for ranking well in Google. Take for example, Wikipedia who is always ranking well and it is an example of a site that Google loves, because Google wants to feed the best search results for the end user because they want to be the best most relevant search engine and give the end user exactly what they were looking for.

Thus having authoritative well written content means Google will look at your site as the best site for search engine and end user. This is key because everything else you do all derive from this fact. When you have a powerful well written website with many pages of content there is just that much chance for Google to find your website and people to land on your site looking for whatever they were looking for.

So I was in Jackson, MI the other day and I needed a limo service for the night with my date. I searched for local limo company and found Jackson Limo

I was looking over their site and it was clear why they were top of the search results because the website had well-written content and it positioned itself as the authority for local limo service in Jackson, Michigan.

Their site had not just 1 paragraph per page but nice multiple paragraphs explaining in detail what they do and why people should choose them.

Now this type of content is called authoritative not only does it provide customer with the information they require which is information assisted selling as Grant Cardone talks about but its also a very good way to pick up more traffic as people search all kinds of various search terms in Google to come up with the result.

I will begin critiquing more local business’s online presence, because I realize it is an important facet to their business and their survival. It is important to not only have great service and excel in the service itself but its becoming increasingly crucial to out do your competitors in the online space. And the trend is only headed that way…

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