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How do you register a business? Local business owners need help with online


One of my mentors that blog about local business wrote an article recently stating that many local businesses don’t even have google places to get clients. As I continue this project of interviewing business owners, it became clear to me that many of them simply had no idea what they were doing.

This past week I interviewed a tree care service and I was told that he get his business by passing out flyers from time to time and word of mouth by doing great service in his case removing unwanted trees or emergency tree care when a big storm comes through and tears the trees apart. We have had few very big storms in Michigan this year.

Apparently that tree care service guy tried to verify his listing through google and waited for the code to arrive which took over 3 weeks. The he finally approved his listing and it was up for 48 hours till it was knocked down again and when he called the big G they told him he needed to show proof of license which he didn’t have on him at the time so he just gave up on the whole google thing.

I have found that many local business owners are too busy running their business and they have no time to think about verifying things with google or creating websites. Since I know a lot about computers and I even took advertising as my major at Michigan State University, I figured I could show these owners a thing or two that they can implement to begin expanding their business.

It was actually very fun consulting with the tree care guy and showing some of the insights I had, he was very grateful and the interview went very smoothly. He told me everything from how he got into the business, why he likes tree care work, and what his visions are for the future. It was refreshing to speak to a business owner that was still driven and committed to success.


Now after a great tree care interview, I headed off back home when my car suddenly got a flat tire and I forgot I had taken out my spare tire to clean the trunk last weekend. With no where to turn I had no choice but to call a towing service company based in Sterling Heights, MI. They came very quickly and promptly helped me tow my car to the nearest Discount Tire which was like 3 miles down the road and they only charged me $75 which I thought was an amazing price. The owner was very friendly as well. I never thought about interviewing a tow truck guy but here he was right in front of me doing quality service for me so I couldn’t help but to share with him what I do on the side which is to build local business review blogs like these to promote certain businesses that I like and that I know my readers will like. And since I found such a great company to help me with a flat tire without trying to attach my wallet which I felt many tow companies do in the past. I figure I’d interview him quickly and he was all ears and completely down. Like I said, very cool tow truck guy. So I will post about it bit later on, he had a pretty interesting back story of being in a generation tow business from his great grandfather onwards. Now that is passion and commitment to one profession, something I admire.

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Balkan’s Blog on Local Business in Michigan

Hi my name is John Balkan, and I used to own a video gaming website previously before I decided to change the site into a blog website to support my new passion which is to marketing for local businesses and doing reviews for them to get them more customers.

A little background about me, I started the flash video game site years ago when websites were still very retro and people would spend hours on playing video games for hours. I never chose to monetize it which is because I believe those flash games should be available free for everyone, to kill time and get through the boring day of everyday office work.

If you want to pay for games, there is always game boys but as Internet involved and the games became more and more complex, I lost traffic because my games were very simple and retro, I only made them from basic programming languages I learned in High School and Early College in Michigan State University (Spartan Nation) I really enjoyed making those games and at what time my site was generating 50,000 visitors per month. It was really fun but as internet evolved so did my interest in other areas. One of them was partnering up with my friend who ran a carpet cleaning business, and then there was a falling out where he moved out of state but I got a state of seeing what its like to go out there and make your own money and being an entrepreneur. So in order to raise some capital till I can start my own business, I decided to change this powerful blog into a review site where I create awesome articles for local businesses which will help customer acquisition for that business and it will be a good way for me to get to know the owners which is half the battle and once I know the owner I can begin to work out a partnership where I can possible earn commission  on new businesses I bring in.

One of the first companies I’ve been talking to in the local area is Taxi owners and Limousine owners and here is why.

These guys run a service based business and the turn around is great. Less overhead costs and as long as you have a good system in place, the rest is simply revenue. Besides limousines are very cool. So I’ve been looking for a good limo owner in Metro Detroit area, particularly where there is more upper class demographics like West Bloomfield and Bloomfield Hills, Beverly Hills, Novi and surrounding areas.

I’ve been doing my due diligence to try and find a good reputable limo company in the area or taxi company and going through various sites, and actually calling the actual business and pretending like I’m a customer and asking for their service to see their quotes and how they handle the customer. I came across one company that had a really great guy on the phone which it turns out was one of the owner and he was really great on the phone. His tonality was someone that I can trust, and he sounded like he knew what he was talking about.

He was friendly but he was also very directed and straight to the point. Like in programming you have to know the solution and you can get the code to straighten out and work for you. If you don’t know the solution the codes will run wild and take a life of its own and your day will be filled with debugging. Many limo businesses I spoke to usually are using someone that’s hired on a minimum wage and working from a time table. But a business owner with experience knows what the customer wants, and will direct the customer to exactly what he or she needs or requires. Much the same way I felt I was directed well by this man and he seems to be a great closer as well.

I asked him a bit about his business and himself, and he told me he has the largest operation in Michigan and he has been in business for over 25 years. So this perked my interest, since if I will write reviews and promote a business I want to promote the best of the breed for my viewers.

He has several different offices one of which he is building a big operation in West Bloomfield and Bloomfield Hills Michigan, if you visit their site you will find out very quickly that they have very cool / unique limo and party buses that’s hard to come by in your typical limo company that run with hummers and stretch lincolns.

I have more phone calls to do to look for other reputable company but for now I think I found my first company to write a solid review about and start promoting.

I will let you guys know what I come up with in the upcoming weeks.